Logos II

Collection of some logos and word marks that I recently designed.

Bedaia (The Start): Logo for a new Arabic search engine
Zinco: Logo for a film by Serene Husni, talks about refugees in Jordan
K​uhl w Humra: A logotype for a lebstic and eyeliner product, made in Lebanon
Tiraz (Style): Widad Kawar Home for Arab Dress - Amman, Jordan
Wasfa fi Lahza (A reciepe in a second): Logo for TV cooking show, Egypt
Al Jahith Treasurey: Logo for one of oldest bookshops in the Middle East, Jordan
Share3 (Street): Alshare3 Foundation works on a group of media projects and activities inside and outside Syria to defend the freedom of media
Hadiet Al Ard (Gift of Earth): A logo for an enviromental TV program, Jordan
Lulua Publishing: Logo for publishing house in Kuwait
Al Ayyam (The Days): Logo for independent Syrian newspaper 
Darat Al Idliby (Al Idliby Villa): Logo for an Art and design house in old Amman, Jordan
Kayani (My Entity): Logo for indepentet films and media producers, Syria
Ismail: Logo for film about Palestentian artist Ismail Shammout
Rabah & Sharaiha: Logo for law firm, Jordan
Zohrab: Logo for photographer Zohrab Markarian, Jordan
Mintaad (Air Baloon): Logo for home rental online portal.
Icon design by: Mohammad Sabbagh @Msabbagh
S.M.Dudin: Logo for Sakhr Marwan Dudin architure firm, Jordan
Attar (The Perfumer): Logo for an Arabic traditional performs shop in Qatar
Sawafi: Logo for an oil field company, Saudi Arabia
Logo for Tayseer Arafa Education Fund 
Baladna (Our Home): Logo for independent Syrian online radio station 
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