The Gulf - World Energy Reservoir

Typographic work for a documentary series about GCC states addressing a true picture of the cultural and developmental reality of those states. Project done under SYNTAX.

In 2012 we had the opportunity to work with my beloved fellows from SYNTAX Design in Jordan to concept the Brand for "THE GULF"- World Energy Reservoir.
Apparently the project is still in progress, so we managed to print two prototypes. 
I will share some images from the progress to illustrate what difficult and enjoyable process we had to make.
The original concept  & illustrations came from Germany and were adapted and changed in Jordan to develop the Arabic version.
Thanks to: 
Michel Nettling (Illustrations), Mohammad Sabbagh (Arabic typography), 
Hussein Alazaat (amazing calligraphy), Michael Schinköthe (concept, lettering, art direction)
This is one of the initial sketches... i found... we did not realize this one... but i wanted to share it 
Below you see the prototype
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