Photo credit: Ali Saadi, Amman Design Week, 2017.

Hussein Alazaat

Hussein is a multi-disciplinary designer and typography enthusiast from Jordan. He has worked for various clients in diverse industries from the UK, Germany, Turkey, the USA and the MENA region. Hussein believes in the power of Arabic calligraphy in modern brands and products; he also emphasizes contemporary treatment in his typographic works.
Hussein received his first inspiration from children's books and magazines, and was influenced by the late Egyptian designer and artist Mohieddien El-Labbad, and in his design studio in Amman, he is collecting a vital archive of Arab publications from the past two centuries which will be turned into an online library for public soon. 
In 2012, he co-founded 'Wajha', a social/cultural/design initiative to help small businesses and shop owners who are in need of free-of-charge branding works for their shops.
Hussein has given several workshops in calligraphy and design, and lectured for schools and universities in Jordan and abroad. In 2014, he started providing super visioning services for design students’ projects in the fields of Arabic type design and Arabic visual culture for Kolding School of Design in Denmark. 
By the beginning of 2018, Hussein launched ELHARF, design space and an online platform that embraces art, visual culture, and Arabian designed products. At ELHARF House Hussein aims to transform the knowledge and experiences from professionals to learners through consistent workshops, courses, lectures, and sharing a specialized library of books and references.
Hussein has graduated from Amman School for Graphic Arts and earned a Graphic Design Diploma from London Art College via distance learning.

Workshops and lectures:

- April 2008 - until now
Organizing comprehensive Arabic calligraphy workshops
WildJordan Center, Amman, Jordan.

- February 2013
"Calligraphy and Art" workshop
Albareh art gallery, Al Manama, Bahrain.

- February 2013
"Calligraphy and Design" workshop
ABCAD center, Al Manama, Bahrain.

- May 2013
Lecture: Wajha
Syntax Design, Amman, Jordan. 

- July 2013
Lecture: Wajha
Amman Art Week, Amman, Jordan.

- October 2013
Arabic typography for design students.
Kings Academy, Madaba, Jordan. 

- March 2014
Wajha design workshop and lecture.
Sikka Art Fair, Dubai, UAE

- June 2014
Lecture: Wajha 
German Jordanian University, Amman, Jordan.

- May 2014 - until now 
Experimental Arabic calligraphy workshops.
Kings Academy, Madaba, Jordan.

- January 2015
Arabic calligraphy workshop for Syrian students.
Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. 

- March 2015
Experimental Arabic calligraphy workshop.
Dar Al Hikma University, Jeddah, KSA.

- March 2015
Lecture: Humanitarian Design Business.
Dar Al Hikma University, Jeddah, KSA.

- November 2015
Wajha design workshop.
Nuqat Creative Conference, Kuwait, Kuwait.

- November 2015
Lecture: Copy and Paste Syndrome.
Nuqat Creative Conference, Kuwait, Kuwait.

- September 2016
Lecture: Wajha in the Amman Design week.
Jordan Museum, Amman, Jordan.

- January 2017
Workshop: Wajha in the Heart of Sharjah
1971 Design Space, Sharjah, UAE

- May 2017
Teaching Arabic Calligraphy semester.
Amman Academy, Amman, Jordan.

- June 2017
Workshop: Arabic Calligraphy for American students 
Sijal Institute, Amman, Jordan.

- October 2017
Workshop: Modern Arabic Calligraphy
Amman Design Week, Amman, Jordan.

- October 2017
Tour: ELHARF Tour of calligraphy and sign-painting craftsmanship.
Amman Design Week, Amman, Jordan.

- October 2017
Workshop: Let's Design Wajhat, design workshop for children
Amman Design Week, Amman, Jordan.

- January 2018
Workshop: Hajj Calligraphy for Children
Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Showcasing experience:

- November 2010
City language" Urban Art Exhibition- لغة المدينة
@Foresight32 Art Gallery, Amman, Jordan
Two artworks on Skateboards

- October 2011
Arabesque II: Graphic Design from the Arab world and Persia
5 Featured works
Gestalten Publishers
Berlin, Germany

- September 2012
Space on board. Skateboard art exhibition
@The Studio, Amman, Jordan
Two artworks on Skateboards

- February 2013
Sufi Calligraphy. Solo Experimental Arabic calligraphy exhibition
@Zara Gallery, Amman, Jordan
Featured artist of Zara Gallery's collection.

- November 2013
Hussein Alazaat Design and Art exhibition,
Kings Academy, Madaba, Jordan.

- September 2016
The Street Letters, Calligraphy on skateboards 
The Hangar, Amman Design Week, Amman, Jordan.

- September 2016
Wajha Installation: The Cube
The Hangar, Amman Design Week, Amman, Jordan.

Media Interviews:

- Short interview on Al Jazeera TV (AR)

- Article at Black Iris Blog (EN)

- Interview with Aramram web TV (AR)

- Street talk on the old sign of Amman city (AR)

- Long interview on Old Books for Arab Kids (EN)

- Live interview with Roya TV (AR)

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