Some of my design and calligraphy works to the situation in Syria.
ˆ Freedom
ˆ Al Shar'e logo (The Street)
ˆ Al Shar'e logo applied on the walls of Syrian cities.
ˆ "NO compulsion in religion" A quraanic verse that were used in Syria Street Fisitval 2014.
ˆ "When did you enslave people were their mothers born them free?". A famous quote for Islamic Caliph Omar Bin Khattab, that were used in Syria Street Fisitval 2014.
ˆ The Islamists and Qaeda thugs in Syria couldn't remove my design because it's a quranic verse.
ˆ Zobaba (Fly) sarcastic festival logo.
ˆ Some of the sarcastic messages of the Zobaba campaign.
ˆ Aleppo
ˆ Damascus
ˆ For Midan avenue in Damascus.
ˆ Freedom
ˆ Qaboun avenue in Damascus.
ˆ Sarcastic treatment to my photo against the heads' chopping that happend in some syrian cities.
ˆ My name حسين in a Kalashnikov Ak-47 shape.
ˆ Revolt!
ˆ "Firday of Anger" against Assad and Qaeda thugs in Syria.
ˆ Revolution, a typogrphical treatemnt. 
ˆ The grant will come after the plight. 
ˆ Sham / Damascus.

ˆ Aganist any military control.
ˆ Don't run. We are coming to you.
ˆ Chemical Massacre in Damascus. 
ˆ When the attack happened on the Architecture faculty of Damascus University. Featuring "Apollodore de Damas", a Syrian engineer, architect, designer and sculptor who flourished during the 2nd century AD, from Damascus, Syria.
ˆ When the attack happened on the Architecture faculty of Aleppo University. 
ˆ When the attack happened on civilan Syrians in Helfaya bakery.
ˆ During a freezing winter.
ˆ Do not despair.
ˆ Salah Ed-Dien avenue in Aleppo.
ˆ 15 July 2012, A very hot day in Damascus.
ˆ Syrians lokking at the year 2014.
ˆ Syria, our first lady.
ˆ A logo type for the Syrian National Charter.
ˆ A logo for Ayyam Newspaper.
ˆ A logo for Syria Daily Blog.
ˆ Calligraphy for posters and campaigns, design and concept by: Fares Cachoux.
ˆ Calligraphy for posters and campaigns, design and concept by: Fares Cachoux.
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