Leading a discussion panel on "Place Branding", Tanween event, Ithra, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. November 2022.

ALAZAAT Studio was established by Hussein Alazaat in the dynamic city of Amman, with the objective of activating the Arabian identity in design, cultural experiences, and contemporary art practices through the integration of innovative interaction concepts. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our bespoke projects and creative consultation services that have allowed us successfully expanded its impact, serving numerous clients across diverse cities in the Arab world and across the globe.

We cater to a diverse clientele, including cultural and art organizations, public and private institutions, and a range of industries, while also fostering collaboration with leading design brands, galleries, established designers, and emerging talents. Additionally, we run ELHARF Projects to provide comprehensive art design, and publishing practices. Our reputation as thought leaders in the industry has earned us invitations to serve as speakers and consultants at prominent design and creative events and conferences, where we impart our expertise and lead engaging discussions and knowledge sharing sessions..

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