About The Project:
In 2013 I was asked to design a calligraphic murals inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Embassy in Amman, the brief demand to write the 99 divine names of Allah on two walls in the embassy's main lobby. 
Therefore I've created a calligraphic style that understand the architectural design language of the building, the modern cubic interior design, and acknowledge the cultural aspects of the Saudi Arabic authentic identity. The design was based on the geometric style of Kufi, with a long "Alefs" and "Lams" that continue approaching outside the wall towards the sky.
The design has considered the issue of passing people next to the names, so I’ve left an enough space in the design footer to avoid any cultural/religious incompatibility.
Another thing were taken in consideration is the stone material, the interior design used a bit fragile local stone with a push-hammered effect on it, in my design I found that using the same hammering technique on a much stronger stone would be better, the result could be observed and experienced perfectly in the site.
The size of each wall is 4.50 M By 11.50 M.
The project was completed in SYNTAX.
The Concept:
The approved concept mockup:
The Prodction: 
The Final Calligraphic Murals:
Photography by: Hussein Alazaat
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