Logo for Noor Picture, a production house in Halesworth, UK and Amman, Jordan.

Proposed logo for Al-Mamalek, a strategic mobile game with Arabian theme, Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Baladna, independent online radio station, Syria.

Proposed logo for Kasra, a share-worthy news and tips website, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Logo for Al-Ayyam Newspaper, Damascus, Syria.

Logo for Syrian photographer Omar Khani.

Logo for Jordanian photographer Zohrab.

Logo for Akhbarek, a news site that generate Woman's related content, Amman, Jordan. 

Proposed logo for Kayani, an independent films production house from Damascus, Syria. 

Proposed logo for Performak, media and marketing analysis agency, Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Pollen Films, a production house in Istanbul, Syria. 

Logo for Al-Bawadi, a traditions and culture TV channel, Kuwait.  

Logo for NoonPost, a news portal from Doha, Qatar.

Proposed logo for Bidaya, a search engine technology for Arab users.

Proposed logo for Mazaj FM, a local radio channel in Amman, Jordan.

Logo for LAB34, a media booking agency in Damascus, Syria. 

Logo for Hayartoona, an online TV show, Amman, Jordan. 

Logo for Al-Sejjel, a political newspaper and magazine from Amman, Jordan. 

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