Joa is a line of Dead Sea beauty and cosmetic products passionately created and crafted in Jordan to deliver a mineral rich experience for your body, leaving your skin nourished and scented and your soul glowing with an aura of calm and serenity.

Joa is an Arabic word that means: eternal burning love, one of the highest love grades in the Arabic literature. We came up with this brand name to represnt the love to the skin and taking care of it.

Know more about Joa

↥ Joa logo
↥ Visual identity creation, assisted graphics, custom calligraphy ↧
↥ Corporate stationery 
↥ Packaging design for the Dead sea salt pouches 
↥ Calligraphy is being used on the jar design
↥ Photography of the founders, products and ingredients by Jacqueline M. Sofia ↧

I was honored recently to present my branding and design works of JOA for Her Majesty the Queen Rania, at Amman Design Week 2017.

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