Proposed logo for Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), UAE.

Logo for Sawafi, an Oilfield Products & Services company, Alkhobar, Eastren Province, Saudi Arabia.

Logo for MELA, the Middle East Leadership Academy.

Logo for Qatar Social Work Foundation (QSW), Doha, Qatar.

Proposed logo for Queen Rania Foundation. 

Logo for Al Asayel Village, an equestrian housing compound in Amman, Jordan. 

Logo for Etlala, a tours and travel agent in Istanbul, Turkey.

Logo for Rabah & Sharaiha, a law firm in Amman, Jordan.

Proposed logo for Seen, a concept made for Teacher skills forum, Amman, Jordan.

Proposed logo for S.M.Dudin Architects & Engineers, Amman, Jordan.

Proposed logo for Nama'a Al-Jouf Development & Investment Board, Al Jawf Region, Saudi Arabia.

Proposed logo for JOWHAR, a business academy concept, Amman, Jordan. 

Logo for Vertex, a Hair Loss Clinic in Amman, Jordan.

Proposed logo for Al-Wasaet, an interactive educational company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The logo of 'The Royal Department for Environmental Protection - Rangers Police', Amman, Jordan. 

Logo for Akhtaboot, the recruiting website of the Arab World. Amman, Jordan.

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