Logo for the MARTYR'S MEMORIAL Museum, Amman, Jordan.

Proposed logo for the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar.

Logo of AL Fabrika, a culture and design hub in Cairo, Egypt.

Proposed logo for Community Jameel, a social enterprise organization that operates a wide range of initiatives to promote a positive society and economic sustainability. One of Abdul Latif Jameel initiatives.

Logo for SHAABI, a denim brand that empowers charities and helping displaced people, Alameda, California, USA.

Logo for Jisr Initiative, Kings Academy, Madaba, Jordan.

Proposed logo for Jabal Amman Publishers, Amman, Jordan. 

Proposed logo for SEP Jordan, hand-embroidered accessories made by local women in Jerash county side with Italian style. Jerash, Jordan.

Logo for Sryia's Mobile Films Festival.

Logo for "Bab Zomorod - Emerald Portal" an Arab-Danish cultural initiative. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Logo for Khazanet Al-Jahith, a well known bookshop in Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Kuwaiti Song Festival, Kuwait.

Proposed logo for Lulua Publishing house, Kuwait. 

Logo for Tiraz: Widad Kawar home for Arab dress, Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Chakra, a bookshop in Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Share'a, an independent Art initiative, Syria.

Logo for Mahall al-Maa (The Water's Store), a different-of-its kind shop that introduce books, music and friendship experience on the bank of the historic hidden river of Amman, Jordan. 

Logo for a Damascus's Consolation FB Page, Syria.

Logo for Al-Jawab, an independent musical band by young Syrian artists, Istanbul, Turkey.

Logo for Tayseer Arafeh Educational Fund. Amman, Jordan.

Logo for El-Warsheh, a gathering of Syrian artists in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Logo for Jeel Al Quran / Quran Generation / Kuran Nesli. A small instition that teaches Quraanic topics, Istanbul, Turkey.

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