Shaabi, an Arabic word means: My People, also means: something popular, or vernacular. I designed the logo for Shaabi, a quality clothing designed and made to focus on creativity, craft, and adding value to the community.
I leave you with the story and the beautiful photos of Shaabi:
"Shaabi is a new apparel brand, founded in 2015. Shaabi design and make  products in a small workshop in Alameda, California. Each piece is sewn using vintage machines which are specially suited to working with heavy duty fabrics such as denim, chambray, canvas, corduroy, and leather. Shaabi designs are rooted in an appreciation for classic American workwear, but integrate a global sensibility and our own unique creative vision."
- Shaabi

Logo on leather belt 
Screen printing a long piece of selvage denim.
Mr. Ihssan Abu Khalaf, the founder of Shaabi in his studio. (First from left) 

I was lucky enough to get my own custom Shaabi denim :) 

Please visit for your next order of denim.

Photo curiosity: by Shaabi 
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