"The Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) is an intensive experiential program is designed to expand leadership, team building and business abilities, and create personal relationships that accelerate personal and business success."

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↥ Before
↥ Logo design exploration
↥ The new logo of MELA
↥ Graduation mode 
↥ Custom calligraphy for MELA keywords ↧
↥ Custom calligraphy for MELA statments
↥ Photographic mode 
↥ Flag mockup
↥ Badge mockup
↥ Tote bag mockup
↥ MELA profile cover
↥ Inner page of the MELA profile 
↥ Folder mockup 
↥ Business cards and letter head mockup 
↥ Roll-ups mockup
↥ T-shirt mockup 
↥ Combining calligraphy with photography 
↥ Photos of the 7th MELA Leadership Masterclass at the Sharq Village & Spa in Doha, Qatar. ↧

Taken from MELA facebook page.
The project was completed in SYNTAX.

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