Logo for Salam Stores, the GCC's leading fashion and lifestyle stores.

Logo for Wild Jordan, Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Yousef Afandi Barbershop, Amman, Jordan.

Logo for Saboon, an old soap factory in old city of Damascus, Syria.

Logo for JOA, a natural Dead Sea cosmetic brand, Amman, Jordan. 

Proposed logo for Muntazah hyper-markets, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Logo for Attar, an Arabian traditional performs shop, Doha, Qatar.

Logo for Urbanist, a fashion and design hub in Dubai, UAE.

Logo for the Khan, a design and int'l fashion brands outlet in Damascus, Syria. 

Logo for Khawaja, Men's fashion shop in Damascus, Syria. 

Logo for Khanom, Women's fashion shop in Damascus, Syria. 

Logo for Mintaad, home rental online portal.
Icon design by: Mohammad Sabbagh @Msabbagh

Logo for Kuhl wa Humra, a lebstic and eyeliner brand, Beirut, Lebanon. 

Proposed logo for Finite, a Men's fashion shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Logo for Sandra, a Women's fashion shop in Damascus, Syria. 

Logo for Atlas, a whitegoods brand, Amman, Jordan.

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