Last year, couple of my friends asked me to design a logo for their online radio station; Baladna (Means: Our Country)

The type of work was volunteering, the concept of the satiation is to support the Syrian revolution for freedom and dignity, and to raise all the awareness issues that make our country a better place.
 All went well, I did a quick logo, it was approved and applied in different applications.

Here is the logo:
Some graphical styles:
First corporate song and theme by Somar Chaban:
The project was widely accepted, the facebook page has 25k+ fans:
Now, the drama part! 
After one year of a successful logo that everyone loved, a small and unknown restaurant in Saudi Arabia owned by Syrian guys has stolen our name: Baladna!
Not even this, they stole the logotype as well! 
I couldn't believe my eyes! they even didn't change anything in it (I don't know if this good or bad!) but I was totally shocked when I discovered this! 
Here is the stolen logo: 
My logo on signage! pretty cool ha!
My logo next to Falafel dish!
My logo on a label! 
My logo on table linens/papers!
My logo beside Abu 3antar :P 
My logo on wrapping paper!
And now! The best part comes!
Through my 10 years career in Advertising and Branding, I didn't even think to engrave a logo on a watermelon! wow!

I think this is the only project on Behance that shows an implementation of a brand on a watermelon! 
It's so funny and depressing at the same time! But I liked the idea, though :)
What also made me sad, I've created the logo for a project that serves the human rights and to how to make people live in peace and dignity, then I found some people, from my country, who didn't appreciate yet the values of freedom and creativity, and they believe that stealing others' work is accepted.
That is the story of a logo.
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